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Antonio Hopson

Antonio Hopson is a writer, dad, and science teacher. As one of four children of a single mother, he grew up in the Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill, and Columbia City neighborhoods of Seattle and was educated at Cleveland High School He lives in Rainier Beach and teaches seventh grade biology at the Lakeside School. Currently, he is making a name for himself as a novelist and serves on the levy oversight committee associated with Seattle Public Schools and serves on community boards. 

In an interview with Mary Sandford of, he said "the South End gave me the most amazing gifts, especially with the diversity. I am an African-American. My mom was a single mom and while I am light skinned, I was 100 percent raised as a black male." 

However, as a child in S.E. Seattle, he felt unaccepted by other African Americans and he described his younger self as "a nerdy black male asking questions about space, a guy who played chess and soccer, hardly accepted by my peers." 

 "At Cleveland (high school) everyone mixed together and the diversity there was amazing. I learned about Humbow, the different types of Asian Americans, the different cultures of Africa. Everything was all mixed up. The experience was incredible." 

Hopson took lots of broadcast courses in high school. I loved science and couldn't get enough of it. He studied at North Seattle Community College and at the University of Washington where he graduated with BSc in environmental interpretation. 

Antonio Hopson is at heart a writer, and growing up in a gritty area, he wants "to dignify the people in my stories despite that grittiness. 

 In fourth grade, he wrote a political satire about Jimmy Carter and his brother. and he received lots of attention for it. at night he would tell stories to his little brothers about the people they loved and they got into trouble In January 2005, he published his first collection of short stories: "The Vernal Equinox of Death and Kisses and Other Short Stories." 

For one story "Do Bikers Believe in Fairy Tales?" he hung out in a scary hick bar in New Mexico and had to dare himself even to enter - broken windows, in the middle of nowhere. "I country danced and hung out with the bikers! "  

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