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Dax Tucker

Dax Tucker, told me about his book Leaf Catcher.  

He said “in this story you will witness the most deadly of all human emotions, hatred and jealousy, but you will also learn the power of perception and how it can be used to conquer them." 

 "Corliss is a humble village gardener in a late 16th century European village who tries to teach his son, Maddox, what really matters in life. He is given the ultimate chance to demonstrate this when the prince of the land, Gavin,  covets his wife, Claire, and does all he can to tear them apart. What starts as a primal lust for Claire, however, evolves into a horrific obsession to break the will of the man that will not submit, as Corliss endures great suffering to keep his family together. "

 "The Leaf Cather is an epic poem that is written in the style of Dante's Inferno but also in a language that is more readily accessible to the modern English reader. The challenge in writing this epic is to stay true to both the form and the story. Every other line ending rhymes and every line is exactly 10 syllables. Yet everyone who has read this has said that the story flows so naturally they weren't even aware that they were reading a poem as it flowed as fluently as prose."

"I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the story, its messages and philosophy.“

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