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J J Brown

J J Brown was born in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York and was was raised in a beautiful valley in a home environment of absolute creative freedom. "Stories come to me in dreams and in quiet times like during train rides. I feel compelled to tell the stories or write them down. As a child I lived in a secluded rural area but my parents kept a tremendous library at home. The solitude and the company of books helped encourage a love of literature."  
She has studied both science and languages at Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, State University of New York, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed a PhD in Genetics.

Her book Brindle 24 highlights the use of toxic chemicals by the gas drilling industry by telling the story of a family who
are torn apart by effects of fracking, beneath their home. J.J.Brown uses her biomedical experience to adds to the debate surrounding the expansion of fracking worldwide. 

 To find out more visit Or watch a trailer of her novel Death and the Dream below.