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Marilyn Brant

Review of "Any Given Sundae"

The opening lines of this light, contemporary, romantic comedy published in June 2011, brought a smile to my face:

It was long, Elizabeth Daniels noted. Without a doubt, Jacques‟s was several inches longer than most.
She leaned in, scanned it and ran her index finger along its prodigious length. She heard Jacques‟s quick intake of breath.
Silken to the touch, yet deliciously firm. Broad. Sleek. Inviting. She nodded her approval, swallowed and brought her lips to its soft-brown side. A thick, creamy droplet poised on the tip. She moaned, anticipating the coming moments. Her tongue snaked out to lick the end clean.
“Mmmm,” she murmured.
“C‟mon. Go for it,” Jacques urged, tension filling his voice. “Pleeeeease. You‟re killing me.”
“I shouldn‟t.”
“Elizabeth, I‟m pleading with you.”
“Oh, all right.” She licked the tip again, inhaled deeply and took a big bite.
Jacques exploded next to her. “Well?”
“Incredible,” she declared. “This is the single best éclair I‟ve had in months.” 

When Elizabeth Daniels Uncle and his business partner travel to Europe, they leave Elizabeth, a self conscious, intelligent food writer, in charge of their ice cream parlour, together with Robert Gabinarri, physically attractive, owner of a successful Chicago restaurant. The story explores what is "merely a remnant of high-school fantasy and what is the current reality." At high school, Elizabeth, the academic had a crush on Rob, the football star, but they had nothing in common. However, now, years later when they are thrown together - will they become friends, enemies or something else?