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Will Granger

Will Granger lives with his family on the east coast of Central Florida. He spends his time writing, teaching, marketing his books, going to church, sailing, going to Disney World, and trying to get in shape by running. His blog can be read here.

In his novel  "Anabar's Run", 16  year old Anabar has twelve hours to get to the capital city, as a final test in his training to become a member of the Scouts, a band of ruthless swordsmen sworn to defend their nation. His mentor, Omalof, wants the test to be as realistic as possible, so he reports Anabar as a dangerous criminal, and every soldier between him and the capital has orders to find and kill him.

Will Granger has written a story of a young man chasing his dream and facing mountains, avalanches, bandits, bears, and months of brutal training. Anabar  senses that he is destined to be a Scout, and is determined to make to the capital on time regardless of what he may be forced to do.