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Cody James - The Dead Beat 

Click here to read part of an interview with Cody James and download her book for free.

Journalism for free?

Mathew Ingram on states "journalism as we know it is becoming obsolete" because non-journalists can do it just as easily as journalists and today's print journalism was “a response to publishing being expensive.” 

It costs a lot to publish newspapers: capital intensive printing plants, transportation costs and delivery boys with paper routes. Now online we can hear directly from the sources and build our own news networks. It’s still early days in this revolution but in a generation or two we won’t be employing people to gather news for us in the same way. I'm sure that The New York Times and The Guardian brands will still exist but to have survived they will work very differently. 

To earn new revenue, news media will need to change their role as the most-trusted source of information from product-oriented to  service-oriented. The Information Valet Project at the Reynolds Journalism Institute has a vision for a shared-user network for the web that addresses, trust, identity and information commerce.


Maria Edgeworth - Patronage

"Patronage" was first published in 1814, a year after Pride and Prejudice, when Edgeworth was far more well known and better paid than her rival Jane Austen. Click here to read the entire book online or here to download it for free.