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Lets Get Digital

David Gaughran's "Lets Get Digital" explains how to self publish and why you should. He describes how the internet has revolutionised publishing and the opportunities it has created for authors. 

Part One is an overview of the rapidly changing publishing business. Why the big publishers are in serious trouble, how the internet has revolutionized publishing so that a writer, working alone, can make a living out of it, and why piracy should not be feared. It explains why this is a good time to be a writer and how to profit from the seismic changes taking place.

Part Two deals with how to digital self-publish. It covers finding an editor, arranging a professional cover, formatting your book so it appears perfectly on every device, coming up with an appropriate pricing strategy, and marketing (blogging, social networking, reviews, competitions, and to how to stop a sales slump).

Part Three presents 33 best selling self-publishers in their own words.

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