Would you like to write a book review? 

We are looking for people who can write passionate and entertaining book reviews: enthusiastic readers and who can express their opinions about books. We want reviewers who are good at communicate what they think about a book. We prefer reviewers who use a conversational style. 

If you would like to write an essay please feel free to submit it, we encourage a diversity of styles but we may edit. Also we encourage reviews who approach reading for fun.  We will credit you with the review if you want or you can remain anonymous or write under a pen name.  

Send us your original review which ideally should cover a little about the plot,  but mostly it should be about your opinion of the book. The length we are looking for is around 500 words, but it's only a guide.  

We are sent books to review by major publishing houses, smaller independent publishers and self publishing authors. 

After you've had a review published we send you a list of further books to choose from. You can read and review books at your own pace. The books are usually of the same quality as bought in a shop, but sometimes they are uncorrected proofs. 

To ask about becoming a reviewer click here to send us a message.