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This free ebook is focused on RPG IV is written for AS/400 RPG programmers who are moving to RPG IV and are looking for hints and tips to make the move forward worth while. This book contains code samples and style guidelines. It lead you step-by-step down a path that will allow you to take full advantage of RPG IV and the Integrated Language Environment (ILE). Even the most experienced RPG IV programmer will find something useful in this redbook.

The book has a timeline outlining the history of the RPG IV language and all the technical updates to the language since V3R1. In V3R2 and V3R6, RPG IV added support for user-defined subprocedures marking the defining point at which RPG IV can truly be considered a modern programming language. This ebook shows you both the style and function of how to make the subprocedures work for you. One of the keys to the power of RPG IV is in its ability to prototype any system function and make things happen! This ebook shows you how to use RPG IV to:

• Use the TCP/IP sockets APIs
• Read and write directly to the Integrated File System (IFS)
• Use dynamically server HTML Web pages with the CGI interface
• Exploit program-to-program communications with data queues (DTAQ)
• Directly access user spaces (USRSPC)
• Communicate with the system and users via message handling
• Write exit programs (anonymous FTP)

About the authors:

Brian R. Smith worked as a Senior AS/400 Specialist in the International Technical Support Organization in IBM Rochester. The first half of his career was spent in design, coding and testing on the System/38 and AS/400 in the area of communications. He then moved into technical marketing support in

Martin Barbeau is a Software Support Specialist in Canada. He has experience working with AS/400 systems and his main areas of expertise include system management, application development (mainly using RPG and DB2/400), availability/recovery and OS/400 problem determination. Martin is the co-author of the IBM redbook Complementing AS/400 Storage
Management Using Hierarchical Storage Management, SG24-4450.

Susan Gantner has years of experience in the field of application development and has worked in IBM's Rochester Lab supporting and teaching AS/400 customers in the areas of application development and database. She later
moved to the IBM Toronto laboratory to continue her teaching and customer support roles for the languages and development tools. She is a regular speaker at COMMON and technical conferences for AS/400 customers around the world.