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IBM System i

George Farr and Shailan Topiwalla write about the difficult subject of the Integrated Language Environment. This book gives a concise explanation of ILE concepts and functionality. It's not an in-depth guide to programming in ILE, but does show some examples of ILE RPG and other ILE languages to clarify explanations. They start with ILE's history, it's predecessors and explains what ILE provides that they didn't. There is a chapter on ILE programming which introduces the concepts of modules, binding, and service programs. Each of these is the topic of a succeeding chapter. ILE program activation is explained and how it is different from and works with earlier environments. After the basic elements of ILE are covered, APIs and the ILE exception handling model is outlined. The last two chapters cover step by step de-bugging and the most frequently asked questions about ILE. Appendix one lists ILE-related CL commands and appendix two lists APIs. The book is closed by a glossary. 


This describes the RPG IV language, aspects of the Integrated Language Environment and guidelines for implementing applications using the Integrated Language Environment. Integrated Language Environment Concepts, SC41-3606, should be
considered a prerequisite to this publication.

This document is intended for experienced programmers, analysts, and implementers who are responsible for the creation and maintenance of application programs on the AS/400. It assumes the reader has a fairly good background in the AS/400 programming environment.