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UNIX in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition by Arnold Robbins is divided into four parts. 

Part one, chapters one to six, describes the syntax and options for Unix commands and for Bourne, Korn and tcsh shells. Part one covers package management.

Part two, chapters seven to eleven, presents editing tools and their command sets. Part two begins with a review of pattern matching including examples for specific editors.

Part four, chapters twelve to eighteen, summarizes the Unix utilities for software development: RCS, CVS, Subversion, make and GDB. It covers what you need to know to write a management page for your programs.
The book is for people who are already familiar with Unix: you know what you want to do, and you even have some idea how to do it, you just need a reminder about the details. Specific examples are provided to show how a command is used. System administration commands are not covered.