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This book explores the field of Search and its many possibilities. 

Chapter one describes the fundamentals of Google Search works, Google's special syntax and speciality searches: phone book, calculator, package, stock tracking, and the Google cache.

Chapter two kick starts your automation of trawling, crawling and recombination by hacking Google programmatically.

Chapter three immerses you in Google Image Search, Google images advanced search and search syntax.  

Chapter four covers news sources, blogs and groups.

Chapter five shows how to integrate Google into your tool bar, desktop and word processor. It shows you how to use some services built on Google.

Chapter six discusses the alternate uses of gmail, for example how to interact with gmail programmatically.

Chapter seven covers AdSense and AdWords.

Chapter eight, on webmastering, discusses PageRanks and PageRank Calculator. 

Chapter nine explains Google's Web APIs Developers Kit, programming it with examples in Perl, PHP, Java, C#, and VB.

As Google is constantly changing its search algorithms to match the changes to the web, examples in this book  may become obsolete. To keep up with Google's changes see Web Master World.